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Paprika is a 2006 film about the nature of dreams and reality as seen through the eyes of a dream therapist, directed by Satoshi Kon.

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How real were the dreams in Paprika?

I really loved Paprika, but I ended up sort of confused by it. During the course of the film, My question is, was it just a mass hallucination, or was it real?
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Is there any difference between the original Paprika novel and its animated film adaptation?

Paprika was originally a novel written by Yasutaka Tsutsui. Later, it was adapted as an animated film. Is there any difference between the novel and its animated film adaptation?
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Why does Konakawa keep seeing himself in his dreams, why is he haunted by himself?

It really messed me up when Konakawa keeps seeing himself in dreams again and again and is haunted by his friends. I'm hoping that someone could explain me that segment about his dreams and his ...
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