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Photo Kano is a 2012 dating sim developed by Dingo and Enterbrain.

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What happened to Kazuya's father?

In episode 13 of the anime, but nothing was said about Kazuya's father. Does the original game (or otherwise another official adaptation of the game) explain what happened to Kazuya's father?
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What did Rina know about the "legendary cosplayer" Alice's true identity?

In episode 11 of Photokano, the "legendary cosplayer" Alice helps Rina during the culture festival. At that time, it's clear that Rina knows something about Alice, very likely her true identity. ...
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What is the relation between the flowers and the heroines in ED sequence of Photokano?

At the end of the ED sequence of Photokano, 7 main (?) heroines are shown. Then in the next scene, at the same position, a pot of flower is shown for each of the girls. What are the flowers shown in ...
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