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Ping Pong (also known as Ping Pong: The Animation) is a 1996-1997 manga that was later adapted into a live-action movie and an anime series.

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Why did Wenge get kicked off the Chinese national team?

In Ping Pong: The Animation, Wenge is a Chinese exchange student who came to Japan to work his way back up to the Chinese national team (he hopes to win nationals, etc.). However, what got him kicked ...
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Why is Kong using a Japanese surname?

In the epilogue to Ping Pong, we see this newspaper headline. Five years after naturalization, finally a ticket to the Olympics for Tsujido Wenge Now, I don't know Japanese, but I can kind of read ...
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What does it mean to be a poster child of type B blood?

In the first episode of Ping Pong the Animation, around 9 minutes in, Peco called Smile a poster child for B type blood. What does this mean, exactly? What significance does this have? How does this ...
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