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Porco Rosso (or, "Kurenai no Buta") is a 1992 film directed by Hayao Miyazaki about a pilot who has been cursed to have the form of a humanoid pig.

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2 votes
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In Porco Rosso, why does he inspect every round?

In Porco Rosso, Porco can be seen inspecting every round that he just purchased. He discards some and keeps others. I would assume these are left over from WW1, and as a result they are a bit old and ...
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11 votes
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Why was Porco Rosso cursed and was there a cure?

In the movie Porco Rosso, it's mentioned that he has a curse which made him look like a pig. Why was he cursed to look like a pig and what was the cure, if there was one?
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