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"Pretty Cure" (or, "PreCure") is a magical girl franchise produced by Toei Animation.

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who are Stripism a parody of?

One of the most popular anime shows in Akiba's Trip: Undead & Undressed is Stripism. Here's a screenshot of them in-game (in their own game). Knowing Akiba's Trip and its countless references, I ...
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Which virtue did each Heartiel stand for?

During the Max Heart season of Pretty Cure, the characters are hunting down the 12 Heartiels. These little fairies represent the virtues of While some of them are named after their virtue (Seekun ...
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5 votes
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Why did people start falling unconscious in "Futari wa Pretty Cure"?

During the first season, people had to be evacuated when the Dark Zone attacked, and civilians even interacted with the villains in some episodes. However, at some point, people started to fall ...
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Continuity between Pretty Cure series

It's "common knowledge" that each Pretty Cure series takes place in its own continuity. From my limited experience with the franchise I've already seen two contradictions with that idea. Kenta ...
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