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The Prince of Tennis ("Tennis no Ouji-sama") is a manga series by Takeshi Konomi.

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What are the differences between the Prince of Tennis manga and anime?

I have only watched the whole anime series, but I'm not sure if I'm missing content. I have read the American arc is anime only, but are there any other arcs that are different? Also are there any ...
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Is there a mini series that tells Ryoma's experience in the U.S. Open (Prince of Tennis)?

I just finished watching Prince of Tennis and I'm about to start Prince of Tennis: the National Tournament, but it goes directly to Nationals without telling us what happened with Ryoma in the U.S. ...
8 votes
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Why can Ryoma beat adults in the US tournaments but have trouble with high schoolers?

If Ryoma's skills allowed him to go to the US, why did he lose against high schoolers who haven't even gone to the US in New Prince of Tennis?
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