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Use this tag for the entire "Phantom" franchise, including the TV anime series "Requiem for the Phantom", the Nitroplus visual novel "Phantom of Inferno" on which it is based, and any other spinoffs.

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What kind of glove is being shown in the following pictures, and why is it nearly always a knife user who wear this style of gloves?

I've been searching for information for the past five or six years on what kind of gloves that Ein is wearing in the following pics from the digitalized novel Phantom of Inferno. (She also wears them ...
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Why do Mio and her friends seem to all wear different uniforms?

Mio, who is a student at Reiji and Ellen's school, is introduced in episode 20. It quickly becomes apparent that Mio's friends all wear different uniforms. This is most obvious in ep. 22, where we see ...
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How is Phantom a "top sniper" when they seem to spend little time actually acting as snipers?

On several occasions, Phantom's role in Inferno is described by Scythe Master. For example, in the beginning of ep. 11: Phantom… the strongest assassin in Inferno… the title given to ...
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What did really happen in the end of Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom?

Some people claim that those Mongolian flowers are poisonous and that Ein ate one when Zwei died, but I've researched and there is no reliable source that tells us that those flowers are really ...
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Comparison of Noir and Phantom

Recently, I started to watch Noir and right now I am on the 10th episode. But it seems that there is a strong connection between Noir and Phantom. Indeed, they have both amnesiacs and they are ...
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How does Elen's attitude layout the last scene of the final episode?

In the last scene of the show we see Reiji and Elen in Mongolia standing in the fields and Reiji ends up shot and--I'm assuming--killed by the man on the wagon passing by. However Elen's emotions don'...
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Why did Scythe Master put lube on Ein?

In Requiem for the Phantom (episode 3, ~6:30), the Scythe Master puts some kind of oil or lube on Ein's body. Why would he put lube on her body?
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