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Robotics;Notes is a 2012 visual novel developed by 5pb., the third in the "Science Adventure" series. See also [chaos-head] and [steins-gate].

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What is the point of Chaos;Head if it’s not in the same worldline as the other Science Adventure entries?

I noticed that Chaos;Head’s divergence ratio is different than the one of Steins;Gate and Robotics;Notes. What was the point of that series to begin with since nothing basically happened?
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Chaos;Head, Steins;Gate, Robotics;Notes: where is all the extra information? [closed]

To make it short: I watched all three anime adaptations, but after browsing the questions here for 5 minutes I feel like I don't know anything about them... Where is all this extra information hidden?...
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Steins;Gate, Chaos;Head, Robotics;Notes, and Occultic;Nine naming convention with semicolon?

The following anime share the use of the semicolon as part of their names: Steins;Gate Chaos;Head Robotics;Notes Occultic;Nine What is the reason for using the semicolon within the titles of these ...
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Tanegashima important?

I've noticed that Robotics;Notes, Captain Earth, and Aldnoah.Zero all prominently feature Tanegashima (city in Japan). Are these series tied together in some way or is this just coincidence? (kind of ...
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Why did Airi (the A.I.) disapear?

When the Real Airi awakens, the A.I. Airi disappears. Was her disappearance programmed to be triggered by Airi's awakening, or did it have something to do with some glitch in the Iru-O around ...
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What was the point of blocking the robot outbreak using Kill-Ballad?

In Robotics;Notes, there is some sort of robot outbreak in the city. They all go out of control and attack what seemed like the city hall. When Frau tries to hack into the servers to stop the ...
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Why were monopoles raining?

I just watched Robotics;Notes. The manga not yet. A monopole fell from the sky. And later, lots more begun raining. It was a recurring theme in the series that there was a solar flare cooking up, so ...
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How are Chaos;Head, Steins;Gate, and Robotics;Notes connected?

These series all seem to be connected, but asides from sharing the same production company and having the semi-colon separate their titles I can't see any relation between them. The plots seem to be ...
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Why did Airi say "Whose eyes are those eyes" at the end of the first episode?

At the very end of the first episode, Airi is shown saying "Whose eyes are those eyes?" - a key phrase from Chaos;Head, another visual novel and anime from the same creators. From what I've read, ...
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