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Rozen Maiden is a manga series by Peach-Pit. Rozen Maiden follows Jun Sakurada, a middle school student who has withdrawn from society after suffering persecutions from his classmates. He is chosen to become the master of Shinku, a living doll created by Rozen. Shinku must fight the other dolls in Alice game where the winner will have her wish granted.

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Why wasn't Suigintou's Rosa Mystica received by Shinku in the second season?

In the first season, after Suigintou was defeated/destroyed by Shinku, Shinku never received Suigintou's Rosa Mystica. In the second season, Suigintou was restored, and this time around, she finally ...
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Is Hinaichigo still alive in the manga?

According to a fandom wiki site, Hinaichigo's status is listed as alive in the manga, but deceased in both the 2004 anime and the 2013 anime. I've only watched the 2004 anime (a long time ago), where ...
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What happened to Kirakishou in chapter 66 of Rozen Maiden Tales?

I just finished reading Tales (the second Rozen Maiden series), and I have a few questions. Did Jun from unwound world became Kirakishou's master? How was she awakened? Is it because the wound world ...
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