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Saint Seiya is a manga series by Masami Kurumada. For the 2012-14 anime series, see [saint-seiya-omega].

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When exactly did the Black Saints die in the manga?

I have recently started reading the original Saint Seiya manga (Italian edition), and I am slightly confused by the events surrounding the Black Saints' demise. This question contains unmarked ...
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Is Pegasus Meteor Fist a projectile?

In the original Saint Seiya anime, it doesn't seem like Pegasus Meteor Fist is a projectile. It looks like it is, but Seiya is often seen moving toward the enemy, which seems un-projectile-like to me ...
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Which Bronze Saint bled the most?

I remember a repeating joke when Saint Seiya was running that they bled too much. During their fights, which of the original main five Bronze Saints (Shiryu, Seya, Ikki, Shun, and Hyoga) had the ...
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What are the exactly the powers of Athena?

From what I recall from Saint Seiya, Athena is basically a helpless girl kind of feeling the place of damsel in distress which drives the story forward, with the knights protecting or rescuing her. ...
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Are Mu and Kiki Humans?

Are these two characters from Saint Seiya regular human beings like Seiya? Or are they members of another race?
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Are all gold saints supposed to be equally strong?

I've read some comments in internet where they refered to a supposed answer of the creator of Saint Seiya stating that all saints were equally strong. Is this true? This doesnt seem to be what's shown ...
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Origin of Black Saints Clothes

I wonder if there is any explanation in the anime or manga about the origin of the Black Phoenix Army and Black Saints clothes, since they are not constellations (as far as I know).
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TV Saint Seiya Prologue theme [closed]

In Sanctuary chapter, after opening, there is a prologue for the events of the last episode. I can't find the name of that music theme, and "Galaxian Wars" is not that I'm looking for.
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What's the order of Saint Seiya anime series and movies?

I wanted to watch Saint Seiya, but I found on Wikipedia that there are many series that make up the Saint Seiya franchise. So what's the order of it?
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Song identification from an old anime [closed]

I've been trying with no luck to identify this song. It is from an old anime but besides that no clue. Anyone who might know something?
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Anime in '90s where the main character transforms into red armor with a magical silver box [closed]

I can't find my favorite childhood anime that was shown on Cartoon Network back in the '90s. The characters looked similar to Dragon Ball's, so it was probably a Japanese Toonami show. The hero is a ...
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Does "Saint Seiya Omega" series have a prequel?

When Saint Seiya Omega starts, there is an evil character named Mars, which seems to be defeated by saints before. But I have never seen him in the previous series. Some of the plot is built on past ...
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Does "The Lost Canvas" OVA have a sequel?

I watched the two OVAs of "The Lost Canvas" (26 episodes at total). But the story didn't end. Is there a sequel of this OVA series? If yes, can you please name them?
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Where do Saga's pants come from?

In episode 71, Saga wears his Gemini Golden Cloth when he was fully naked. But in episode 73, when his cloth shatters, we see that he is wearing a pair of pants. When did he put on those pants? Where ...
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