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School Days is a 2005 visual novel, developed by 0verflow. Its had an anime adaption in 2007 and has many spinoff games related to the original work.

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Is there an uncensored version with head shown in the bag?

Spoilers for School Days anime. I've seen versions of the ending where we see or don't see Sekai's explicitly stabbing Makoto. There's exactly 1 video I've found where we see Makoto's head in the bag. ...
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Where can I buy School Days HQ in Greece?

Do you mind telling me if there is a shop in Greece that sells School Days HQ?
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In the anime, how many girls did Itou Makoto sleep with and are they all emotionally tied?

Did Itou Makoto sleep with all the girls in the anime? And if so, did all those girls were affectionate towards Itou? I'm not sure if Itou really played dirty with all the girls. I'm too slow with ...
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Can I watch the full 'Nice Boat' replacement episode anywhere?

From KnowYourMeme: (spoilers for School Days) The part with the boat is easily viewable on Youtube and other sites, but I haven't been able to find the full episode. Is the episode bundled together ...
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How are games in the School Days franchise linked?

I have played, watched and read the media from the original School Days, but I don't know much about the other games in the series and how they're linked to each other. I even saw there's a tower ...
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Was Sekai in School Days anime really pregnant?

In the final episode of School Days anime, Sekai said that she was pregnant. Her behavior seemed like she was telling the truth. However, when Kotonoha offered Sekai to consult at the hospital, she ...
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How many endings are there in the School Days Visual Novel?

During the course of the anime, Makoto sleeps around with a lot of the female cast. In the manga, the story is more focused on the two main female leads. As far as I know, each deals with a different ...
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Who is Itou Makoto (producer) and how is he related to the character with the same name?

Itou Makoto (伊藤 誠) is a main character from 2005 0verflow's eroge School Days that later (2007) got an anime adaptation. However, the protagonist name appears as an actual staff member in the credits ...
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