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Questions tagged [shaman-king]

Shaman King is a manga series by Hiroyuki Takei.

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Why do sword owners tap them with a fluffy ball on a stick?

In many shows characters poke their Japanese swords with a soft-looking ball on a stick. It seems that swordsmen in real life did that too. What's the purpose of that? Here's one example from Shaman ...
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Is there a reference to Zenki in Japanese mythology? Or did Shaman King intentionally reference Zenki (anime/manga)?

In the Shaman King series, Hao (and later Anna) used to take control of two beasts named Zenki and Goki (or Kouki), which look like this: This immediately reminded me of Zenki and Goki from "Zenki": ...
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Why Didn't Anna Enter The Shaman Fight?

According to the Shaman King Wiki, Anna's Furyoku level at the start of the series was 3 times Yoh's at the end. She would have made a good addition to Yoh's team. Why did she not enter?
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Who is Tao Ren's wife?

In the original Shaman King, in the ending chapter, grown-up Ren already has a kid, named Men. Who is the mother? As when Lyserg wants to reveal it, because it's obvious from the kid's hair color and ...
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