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Shiki is a serialized horror novel by Fuyumi Ono. The story revolves around the small Japanese village called Sotoba and a series of mysterious murders.

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Why is Natsuno shown with a turtle in some fan arts?

Some fan arts of Shiki depict Natsuno with a turtle: (turtle reflection in the glass of wine) Also, ...
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Horror anime about vampires hunted down by humans [closed]

Hello :) so I saw only part of it a while back and so I only know a little bit about it. It was definitely on the horror side - there were humans vs vampires and (I dont know if it was for just that ...
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Can someone please explain the ending of Shiki?

Did the whole village get burned down? How about the girl? The whole thing seems quite incomplete to me. Can someone explain the ending?
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Who was Sunako turned by?

When Sunako told her story, she mentioned that "him" was the one who turned her into a shiki. Was it Seishirou? Is there any mention of this in the novel?
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What happened to Muroi in Shiki?

As the series progresses,
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