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Licensing light novel or manga cost

I would like to know how much does it costs to license such light novel or manga like ascendence of a bookworm or akagami no shirayukihime? And is it possible to have two publisher one in English and ...
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Was Sakaki telling the truth when he said Zen is younger than Raj?

In volume 4 of Snow White with the Red Hair, Zen, Shirayuki, Kiki, and Mitsuhide had their ages revealed by the author, and Zen is said to be older than Raj. In a Volume 7 side story, however, Sakaki ...
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In what chapter of the manga does Mitsuhide sneeze because Obi was talking about him?

I'm looking for the chapter in the manga where Mitsuhide sneezes because Obi was talking about him. Edit; possibly when Obi was in Lyiras...and after Mitsuhide sneezed, he said something like, "i had ...
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What chapter of the manga does Snow White with the Red Hair anime leave off at?

I wanted to read the manga because I really like this anime. It’s one of the best romance anime I’ve watch.
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Is "Snow White with Red Hair" manga available in color?

Is Snow White with the Red Hair manga available in colour? Or is it only in black and white?
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Akagami no Shirayukihime letters or font?

What type of letters or font is used in Clarines? I've been searching for it and I can't seem to find an answer. Here is a screenshot of Shirayuki's Clarines Castle "pass tag/ID" from episode 6. I ...
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Is Obi in love with Shirayuki?

Obi, the former thief / former hired thug / now the prince's messenger charged with guarding the beautiful red-haired herbalist, at times seems out of his game when gazing at the damsel. It is hinted ...
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When does Shirayuki return to Tamburum in the manga?

When does Shirayuki return to Tamburum after receiving an invitation from Prince Raj in the manga (which chapter)? You see, I kinda lost where I was in the manga and can't seem to find where I was ...
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Where can I buy "Snow White with the Red Hair" manga in English?

I really love this anime and usually only buy manga if I really like it. Akagami no Shirayukihime or Snow White with the Red Hair, is just an amazing story that I must have the manga of! But I can'...
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