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Speed Grapher is a superpower action anime by studio Gonzo. A former war photographer Tatsumi Saiga saves a special girl from a secret society, which uses her to gain supernatural powers. He accidentally gains the power to explode things he photographs with his camera.

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How did the Euphorics contract the Euphoria Virus?

Saiga and Suitengu both contracted the virus when the Research Lab that Suitengu's team was sent to infiltrate blew up. Since almost all the other Euphorics wouldn't have had anything to do with the ...
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Were Suitengu's parents murdered?

During Suitengu's flashback of his childhood, he finds both his parents have hanged themselves. However when Kamiya sees them, he almost acts as if he was expecting it (plus there was his timing ...
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1 answer

Anime with bad guy has a power to control blood and dressed in white [closed]

So if I remember right, there was this bad guy that has power to control blood, was the main villain, and I think dressed in white. He's like a gangster or something like that. I remember that one of ...
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2 answers

What were the desires that lead to the Euphorics' powers?

For some of the characters, it was quite obvious what their desires were: Saiga's desire to capture life in his camera Katsuya Shirogane's desire to be as flexible as rubber Kamiya's desire for food. ...
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1 answer

Why was Yui happy at the end?

When Suitengu was explaining to Kamiya how he had already found his sister and she had been with him all this time (in the form of a charred bone fragment left from her ashes), it's shown that ...
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How did Suitengu's Euphoria Virus activate?

In order for the Euphoria Virus to activate, the virus carrier has to come in contact with an enzyme which can be found in Kagura's bodily fluids, which can probably be assumed to be always through a ...
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1 answer

Who was the man that Suitengu called Master?

In the 1st episode, as Kagura descends, there is an extravagant looking man watching the ceremony. In the 3rd episode, after Kagura and Saiga fall into the water, he shows up behind Suitengo ...