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Steins;Gate is a 2009 visual novel developed by 5pb. and Nitroplus, the second in the Science Adventure series. See also [chaos-head] and [robotics-notes].

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Have there been any anime with actual product placement?

In Steins;Gate, Dr. Pepper is mentioned several times as the "An Intellectual Drink, For The Chosen Ones". I've seen a lot of other shows that have stores or products with similar names to the real-...
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Steins;Gate, Chaos;Head, Robotics;Notes, and Occultic;Nine naming convention with semicolon?

The following anime share the use of the semicolon as part of their names: Steins;Gate Chaos;Head Robotics;Notes Occultic;Nine What is the reason for using the semicolon within the titles of these ...
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How are Chaos;Head, Steins;Gate, and Robotics;Notes connected?

These series all seem to be connected, but asides from sharing the same production company and having the semi-colon separate their titles I can't see any relation between them. The plots seem to be ...
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What are the original memes mentioned in Steins;Gate?

As I understand it, the memes used in the fansubbed version of Steins;Gate were adapted for English audience. The Japanese audience would not know the "Yo Dawg" meme, for instance, since it is an ...
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Could Okabe have saved Mayuri in the alpha world line?

After Okabe goes back to the 'beta world line' (Steins Gate) he learns that Could Okabe have done the same with Mayuri in the alpha world line? I noticed her watch stops and then breaks every time ...
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Why didn't Suzuha mention the destruction of Nakabachi's paper in Episode 23 (β)?

In the original Steins;Gate episode 23 (after the events of Steins;Gate 0), it is understandable that Suzuha didn't mention the destruction of Nakabachi's paper because she already knows that Okabe ...
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