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Questions tagged [strawberry-marshmallow]

Strawberry Marshmallow ("Ichigo Mashimaro") is a manga series by Barasui. It's a slice-of-life comedy about five young girls.

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What is the song that Chika was listening to in the first episode of Strawberry Marshmallow?

In the first episode of Ichigo Mashimaro (Strawberry Marshmallow), right after Ito Nobue went into her sister Chika's room (that is, at around 3 minutes from beginning), there was several seconds of ...
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What happened to Barasui ( Ichigo Mashimaro's author )?

Ichigo Mashimaro was first published in 2002. There is no information about the author except on Wikipedia. His last published tankobon was on March 2013, 2013, stuck at volume 7 (according to ...
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What's up with Sasazuka always getting sent to stand in the hallway?

There doesn't seem to be noticeable tension between the class teacher and student Sasazuka (dark haired boy in white shirt), but he gets sent to stand in the hallway far too often without apparent ...
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Why is Ana embarrassed by her surname?

In Ichigo Mashimaro, Ana is embarrassed by her surname "Coppola". It's implied that it has some meaning (or perhaps sounds like something) in Japanese, but I couldn't figure out what. What does Ana's ...
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