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Strike Witches is a franchise created by Humikane Shimada. It's mostly about girls who fly around while not wearing trousers.

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Have "Operation Victory Arrow" or "Brave Witches" been released officially outside Japan?

Have Strike Witches: Operation Victory Arrow and/or Brave Witches (and its OVA) been released on Blu-ray or DVD with either English sub or dub? I can only find Strike Witches: Operation Victory ...
6 votes
3 answers

At what point in the Strike Witches timeline does Brave Witches take place?

I recently finished the Strike Witches anime (Season 1, 2, Operation Victory Arrow OVAs and Movie) and am planning to continue watching up to Brave Witches. I want to preserve the continuity of the ...
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4 votes
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What animals are represented by the members of the 501st Joint Fighter Wing?

In the ending credits of the second season of Strike Witches, it shows that each member of the 501st has a coat of arms which an image of the animal they represent when they use their magic. Some are ...
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Were there two Black Neuroi Hives?

At the end of Strike Witches, not only did the Warlock destroy all the Neuroi (including the humanoid one), but after the Warlock's destruction, the Black Neuroi Hive disappeared. However, at the ...
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