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Sword Art Online is a light novel and anime by Reki Kawahara and A-1 Pictures. It's a shounen fantasy about the a boy Kirito, who travels through various virtual-reality MMORPGs.

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LN Alicization - no appearance of Murderer/Assassin Tribe in battle?

The Murderer's Tribe doesn't appear in the battle / make a contribution. They are non-existent in the diagrams displaying how both sides are positioned as well. Is this something the author missed or ...
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What did Administrator (Quinella) said in silence in SAO Alicization final episode?

In the moment where Quinella lifted up to above (In my knowledge, she going to the "Real World"), there is a scene where she said something in her mouth, but it total silent, So what did she said at ...
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What did Kirito say to Asuna while stargazing in the movie "Ordinal Scale"?

I just can't figure out what he said. My biggest assumption is "I love you", but that would be too mainstream.
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What happens in the final battle of Underworld between the Human Army and the Dark Territory Army?

I was unfortunately unable to be a part of the group that got to read the web novels before they were taken down, but it's killing me ever since I finished LN 15. There are so many unresolved ...
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