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What is a Slay Vega?

In the manga, Chise is referred to as being a "Slay Vega." In Japanese it's 夜の愛し仔(スレイ・ベガ), "Beloved Child of the Night." What does this term mean? What is the significance of this?
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How much of the manga do I have to read before watching "Those Awaiting a Star"?

While reading reviews for The Ancient Magus' Bride: Those Awaiting a Star, I saw a number of reviewers who stated that the OVA requires some knowledge of the manga. One reviewer states that certain ...
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What is Lindel's song from Ancient Magus Bride based on?

The song currently has no official title. But the first two words are "Iruna Etelero", thought it is often called "Flower Song". Some have theorized it's Finnish. Is it just random syllables? (Song ...
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