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The World God Only Knows (or Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai) is a manga by Tamiki Wakaki, several anime adaptations and a light novel spin-off. It is a supernatural harem comedy about an avid bishoujo gamer Keima Katsuragi. A spirit hunter Elsie contacts him to ask for help in catching evil spirits called "loose souls" by conquering the hearts of his female classmates.

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How was Elsie able to stop time?

Elsie is a demon so how was Elsie able to stop time during that scene before Keima removed the collar? Why was the time stop necessary?
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Why was Elsie the "Final boss" in TWGOK?

What really confused me was the part where his partner Elsie who was a demon to help catch the evil spirits from the very beginning turned out to be the "final boss" which is how Katsuragi's contract ...
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1 vote
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Who and what is Satyr's role in New Hell

I don't understand but can someone explain to me who and what is Satyr and how are they connected to Vintage and New Hell?
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The premise regarding demon, hole in the heart, and child

It is stated in chapter 1 that the demons hide themselves in a human heart, and are kicked out once the hole in the heart is filled. However, in chapter 3, it is stated that they only hole ...
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