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"To Love-Ru" is a harem comedy manga by Saki Hasemi and Kentaro Yabuki about a guy who always runs into other people's breasts.

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Why is Mikan never shown nude?

Bit of a NSFW question. In the anime, as far as I know, Mikan was never shown nude. Why is that? The manga of To Love Ru has no problem showing her nude so I'm a bit curious as to why the anime didn't....
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What chapters/episode are the Hore Herb & Horedan Flower in To LOVE-Ru?

The Japanese Wikipedia of To LOVE-Ru mentions two out of many types of plants: Hore Herb (ホレ草) Horedan Flower (ホレダンの花) I tried looking in the manga of both the original and sequel To LOVE-Ru ...
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Has the anime for To Love-Ru caught up with the manga?

I see there are 7 anime series including OVAs and I was wondering if the anime and manga are aligned perfectly. What I mean is, did the anime end before the manga and do I have to continue with the ...
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After stopping Yami in her Darkness Mode, how long did it take for Lala to recover her teenager body?

In the finale of To Love-Ru Darkness, Lala spends all her energy on her tail beam, to stop Darkness's energy blade from slicing the town (and probably the planet). As a side-effect of such energy ...
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Why do Lala's inventions always turn out to be defective?

Lala's inventions in To-Love-Ru are always defective, mostly the cause of problems in every episodes. But why are Lala's inventions defective when Peke once explained (Motto To-Love-Ru Episode 6 "...
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Why is King Deviluke in his chibi form?

Why is King Deviluke in his chibi form when Lala, Zastin, Nana and Momo (his offsprings) are on their normal forms? I thought it was because he was on Deviluke planet, but even when he came to earth, ...
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What happened to Lala in To LOVE-Ru Darkness?

I'm embarrassed to admit to watching this show. But this question has been bothering me for some time. Lala is pretty much the main character in the series. She is the typical "primary" female in ...
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