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Toriko is a manga series by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro about a Gourmet Hunter named Toriko who searches for the most precious foods in the world so he can create a full-course meal.

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In Toriko, what animal's skin does Atom show Terry, Kiss and Quinn?

In chapter 319 page 3, "Kaka" (Atom in disguise) shows Terry, Kiss, and Quinn a piece of skin or fur of an animal that makes the three scared. What is this skin?
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Why didn't Komatsu's Appetite Demon fully manifest after eating Acacia's Full Course?

While Komatsu isn't shown eating God, he has to have eaten it at some point. According to Toriko lore, eating Acacia's Full Course causes the appetite demon to manifest (see chapter 387). This is ...
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What is the Capture Level of Hungri-la Bird?

I'm watching One Piece anime ep. 492. There were Capture Levels for each animal shown on the screen subtitled, but the Capture Level of Hungri-la Birds was missing. What is the Capture Level of ...
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What is the Pair ingredient in Toriko?

I've read those chapters over and over and I still don't understand what Pair is. Was it a fruit that was eaten by a monkey and it became its testicles? Was it monkey testicles in the first place ...
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Why are there so many cross-over episodes of One Piece and Toriko?

I've noticed that there has been many cross-over episodes involving One Piece and Toriko. In fact, Toriko's first episode has One Piece characters in it. Is there any kind of connection between both ...
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