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Questions tagged [tourism]

For questions on finding, visiting, and/or travelling to real-world locations that have a relevance to anime & manga.

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Is Tanaka's high school more fancy than most in Japan?

The main setting of Tanaka-kun Is Always Listless appears to me to be extraordinarily fancy, at least by my American experience of going to high school in Wisconsin. Outside: Do those poles along ...
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What are the real world locations for the Districts mentioned in From the New World?

Given that in the series, Tokyo is visited, I assumed that the districts mentioned have real world locations. According to the Wikia Page, Although Kamisu 66 is the only district that appears in ...
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Does Cocona's school correspond to any real-life building?

In several episodes, we see a shot of the main building of Cocona's school. Does this building correspond to anything that exists in real life? So far, my searches for flip flappers real life have ...
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