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Tower of God is a web manhwa by Lee Jong-hui.

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Why do people's names change in Tower of God?

In Tower of God, people's names changed from one chapter to the next. Example: Jahad to Zahard Lahel to Rachel Why is that?
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Why is Cassano called the "Devil of the Right Arm"?

In the chapter 136, it shows Cassano saying: Why is Cassano referred to as the "Devil of the Right Arm" and not Horyang? They both have the same "devil" inside them, but Horyang has it on his right ...
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How do you "climb" or "move around" the Tower?

In the manga and anime series, there isn't really much that shows the climbing of the tower, since in the first episode, Bam (and after him, Rachael) are both teleported onto the second floor by ...
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What did Rachel end up concluding her wish she aimed from the tower to be?

This is mainly referring to episode 13 of Kami no Tou. From what I remember, Rachel was debating on whether she wanted Bam to become a star, or if she wanted herself to become a star. I didn't ...
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Is Headon involved with FUG?

As we know from season one of Tower of God, Headon suggested help to Rachel in exchange for some sort of her help. After this, Rachel ended up being helped by FUG, e.g. having Hwa Ryun as Guide, and ...
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