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Trigun is a sci-fi action comedy manga by Yasuhiro Nightow and anime by Madhouse. Bounty hunters of all sorts roam the deserts in search of Vash "the Stampede", who has a bounty of $$60 billion on his head for destroying the City of July.

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Where and when is Trigun Stampede set?

I was watching episode five of Trigun Stampede and then this map came up: This resembles breakup Pangaea. So I ask: Where and when is Trigun Stampede set?
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Is Trigun Stampede a remake of the 1998 series or a sequel?

The day before yesterday they started airing "Trigun Stampede". How does this series relate to the 1998 series? Is it a remake or a sequel?
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Why does Vash the Stampede act so happy all the time?

I have watched all of the Trigun series but for some reason I never understood the reason why Vash acts so happy. His backstory is really depressing but I don't think the series explained the reason ...
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What are the revolvers from Trigun called?

Do the revolvers that Vash and Knives carry in Trigun have names? Is there anything they are called individually?
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How does Trigun Maximum relate to its predecessors, the Trigun anime and manga?

A few years ago, my friend and I watched the Trigun anime, and I've just now picked up Trigun Maximum omnibus #1. I haven't read the original Trigun manga. We have become totally confused trying to ...
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Are there any references to the OK Corral or Wyatt Earp in Trigun?

Were there any characters named "Earp" or "Wyatt", or were there any characters from a military background who were town sheriffs?
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How is Vash able to transform his arm into a weapon?

In Trigun, Vash the Stampede is able to transform his arm into a big weapon with which he makes a hole in the moon. Is that transformation ever explained? Did he acquire this power after the spaceship ...
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How much is sixty billion double dollars worth?

In Trigun, Vash the Stampede is wanted for sixty billion double dollars ($$60,000,000,000). I don't remember any indication of how much money that actually is in the Trigun universe. I'm sure it's ...
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Why is the series "Trigun" titled as such?

I recently learned of the series Trigun and, though I haven't started watching it yet, it seems quite interesting. However, I'm curious about its title. "Tri-" seems to indicate "three", so I'd say ...
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When does Badlands Rumble take place?

With regards to the rest of the anime series, when does Badlands Rumble take place? Does it happen before the show? After? In the middle some time?
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3 answers

What are the plants in Trigun?

I know that they generate energy and they're used like power plants but there's also a person or creature of some sort inside. What are the plants exactly and how is it that Vash can communicate with ...