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"Trinity Blood" is light novel series by Sunao Yoshida about an ongoing war between humans and vampires.

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what is the symbolism of the floating sword over the Vatican?

when we see the Vatican in Trinity Blood, one thing that makes it stand out (compared to the irl version) is that it has a floating sword at first i thought this might have been a Sword of Damocles ...
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Did they ever talk about who left the nanomachines/viruses on Mars?

Sorry didn't read the novels, but did they ever go into who left nanomachines/Methuselah virus on Mars? Do they ever explore the concept of space/aliens again the story? Seems like there are crazier ...
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Why does Abel Nightroad's hair stick up?

In Trinity Blood, Abel Nightroad's hair sticks up when he is in vampire form. Is there any reason given either in-canon or by one of the creators?
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