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Does Great Mazinger exist in the Grendizer U storyline?

According to, Why didn't Koji Kabuto have Mazinger Z anymore in the 80's Grendizer series According to Wikipedia, there was a series inbetween those two, "Great Mazinger". During that ...
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Is Grendizer U a continuation or a remake of the 80's series?

In the 80's as a kid I watched the original Grendizer series, a spinoff of the classic 70's Mazinger, one of the first popular mecha animes of all times. Now delightedly I've seen they started airing ...
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What's inside the UFO Robot Grendizer Manga Kanzenban?

I want to buy a present for an old anime fan and since he likes UFO Robot Grendizer I decided to get him a manga of it. I found something called UFO Robot Grendizer Manga Kanzenban / Complete Edition ...
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