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Questions tagged [uq-holder]

"UQ Holder!" is a manga series by Ken Akamatsu, set in the same universe as "Negima!" (see [negima]).

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Why is Tota Konoe No. 7?

In UQ Holder, when Tota Konoe joined the UQ Holders, he was placed No. 7 and Kurōmaru Tokisaka who joined at the same time as him was placed No. 11. Later on, Santa Sasaki joined and was placed No. 12....
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Which characters survive and make it to UQ Holder?

I wanted to know all the characters from Negima that are still alive and are in UQ Holder. I saw a few such as Ku Fei, Yue, and some cat lady that followed Fate.
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3 votes
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How is Eva's Magia Erebea incomplete?

I get that Eva generally did not have to use the technique as she is already a monstrously powerful vampire. However, in her final "fight" with Negi at the end of Negima, it appears that her Magia ...
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How do UQ Holder! and Mahou Sensei Negima! relate?

I've been reading UQ Holder! since it started coming out. So far (14 chapters into the series) I've understood everything, and (I think) I have not missed any reference or anything similar. However, ...
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How does immortality work?

Can someone explain to me how immortality works in UQ Holder? Specifically about how each type of immortality works and what is required to kill that type?
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2 answers

How are UQ Holder member numbers attributed?

In page 12 of chapter 11, Touta and Kuroumaru are officially accepted in UQ Holder. They are, respectively, attributed the numbers 7 and 11: Do these numbers mean anything in particular and ...
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