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What does Ketil mean by "trusting someone" in season 2 episode 18 of Vinland Saga?

20 minutes into S2E18 of Vinland Saga, what does Ketil mean by Is this a poor translation?
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Did Thorfinn care about Askeladd?

At the end of Vinland Saga anime, Was this just because he couldn't take his revenge or did he actually care about Askeladd?
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Why does Askeladd laugh when Thorkell joins Canute's side?

This happened in Vinland Saga episode 19. After a duel between Thorfinn and Thorkell, Canute came and made some contract with Thorkell to join his side. Thorkell agreed with that, and out of nowhere, ...
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What did Prince Canute mean by "this snow is love"?

In chapter 34 of Vinland Saga manga, Canute seems to realize something, and starts narrating with "this snow is love". From page 33-36, Pg. 33 I understand. It is as though a fog has lifted ...
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