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a Japanese light novel series written by Kana Akatsuki and illustrated by Akiko Takase, with anime adaptation aired in 2018.

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What is Violet and Major Gilbert's relationship?

Violet wants to become an Auto-Memory Doll because she wants to understand the meaning of "I love you," the last words she hears from her Major. Throughout the series and the movie, we ...
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Does Violet also stubbornly refuse to kill people in the novel [Violet Evergarden]?

In the anime (episode 12) Violet was fighting against the anti-peace rebels on a train but was restrained and almost killed (if not for Dietfried killing these rebels) due to her refusal to kill them. ...
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What does the name "Evergarden" in Violet Evergarden mean exactly?

I found the meaning of the word "Evergarden" from here: A user from Mauritius says the name Evergarden is of French origin and means "Love of humanity". But I am not sure if we ...
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Why did Violet's eyes constrict when Major Gilbert was shot?

On the episode in violet evergarden, where Major Gilbert was shown to be shot, Violet's eyes constricted in response. However, in such a situation, the sympathetic nervous system should have caused ...
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Does Kana Akatsuki have any published works other than Violet Evergarden?

I have found very little information online about Kana Akatsuki, the author of the original light novel Violet Evergarden, and I can find nothing about any other works by her. Is this her only ...
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What does the number of key animators and inbetweeners depend on?

As I watch more anime I kind of noticed this: some ok-looking shows have a lot of animators while other really good-looking shows don't. For example, Violet Evergarden and Sora yori mo Tooi Basho are ...
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Did Major Gilbert survive?

In the last episode of Violet Evergarden, when introducing herself, Violet paused and had a bit surprised look. Is it possible that Gilbert is the one she met there in that cottage? Has there been ...
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Is Violet inspired by Saber?

You can easily see the resemblance here: On the left: Saber from Fate/Stay Night, on the right: Violet Evergarden And her usual blue outfit is somewhat similar to saber On top: Saber from Carnival ...
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Why does Violet Evergarden seem to have a habit of biting things?

I don't mean just the times when she bit the gloves to pull them off her hands, which may be done easier than with her prosthetic hands, but also these two moments: After she received a puppy doll ...
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Is Violet Evergarden a robot, a cyborg or a human?

So far, two episodes are out, and the following observations about Violet Evergarden are made: She wants to learn what "I love you" means, a common trope among AI and other robotic characters. She ...
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