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Zetsuen no Tempest ("Blast of Tempest") is a manga series by Kyou Shirodaira about Shakespeare and the Tree of Genesis and Exodus.

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How is Aika related to Mahiro in zetsuten no tempest?

I have watched the anime Zetsuten no Tempest (Blast of Tempest) recently and I am confused about the relationship between Aika and Mahiro. From the anime it appears that Mahiro was the son of a rich ...
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What is the name of the song playing at 10:25? [closed]

The anime is "Zetsuen no Tempest", in the last episode (#24). I recall hearing the song even in Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler).
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Do the specials of the manga Zetsuen no Tempest continue the story after the end of the manga? Are Yoshino and Hakaze going to end up together?

Unfortunately, the English translations of the manga ends in chapter 37 and I can't read Japanese. I already know that the end of the anime differs from the storyline of the manga, since Yoshino and ...
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Is a talisman still usable if the Tree of Genesis is destroyed?

In Zetsuen no Tempest we encounter Hakaze bestowing talismans that make you a substitute mage/magician, although this has some limits due to the fact that unlike a real mage, it eventually becomes ...
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Why are butterflies not affected by the Black Iron Sickness?

In Zetsuen No Tempest, there was this sickness that turned everything into black iron, which is where its name came from. However, from what I can remember, I am sure there was no explanation in the ...
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Why did the Tree of Beginnings turn people into Iron?

In Zetsuen No Tempest the Tree of Beginnings/Genesis was actually responsible behind the Black Iron Sickness which involved turning people into iron/black iron. On the wikia it says this... Black ...
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Was all the source material from the Zetsuen no Tempest manga adapted into the anime?

Was all the source material from the Zetsuen no Tempest manga adapted into the anime? I could check myself but I'd rather avoid spoilers.
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What's the anime about a redhead whose friend uses magic? [closed]

I was watching an anime and closed out of it, and now can't get back to it. Description of the anime: A redhead male lead whose friend learns magic to find the killer of his sister, who was secretly ...
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What anime is this winking girl from? [closed]

I've been searching for quite a long time...I'm guessing it's from an Anime.
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