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Something being canon essentially means it's true to the official storyline. A good example of this would be when talking about fanfiction - if a fanfiction has two people dating in it, it would be canon if those two characters are actually dating in the storyline of whatever the fan-made work is based on. It would be non-canon if that's not true. This isn't ...


"Chibi" started after an anime from 1990 (before Sailor Moon) which is called Chibi Maruko-chan, and has a similar art style. So actually, the "chibi art style" is borrowed from Chibi Maruko-chan.


On the surface level, it is simply a straightforward combination of two wish-fulfillment fantasies. As to why the overpowered Isekai trope has become popular, this is a much more complicated question. While it is difficult to give a scientific source for this, a oft-cited reason is the societal disenfranchisement experienced by young Japanese, the ...


It's a common anime trope most shonen and isekai protagonists gain some huge boost in power when fighting a strong opponent take Natsu Dragneel for example he always ends up fighting against an opponent who seems like they can crush Natsu easily but he always wins an early example of this case is during the lullaby arc when he fights eragor the reaper who ...

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