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Why are older anime releases (DVD/Blu-ray) at 30fps?

I think there are several misconceptions here, especially surrounding most 2000s-era anime and movies were done digitally which means direct-to-disc but I can't speak with any authority about the ...
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How many Akira Toriyama mangas have animated series?

Not sure if it is exhaustive, but this Wikipedia page lists animes based on Akira Toriyama's stories, which include (except Dr SLUMP and Dragon Ball) Go! Go! Ackman 小助さま力丸さま -コンペイ島の竜- (OVA) 剣之介さま (20 ...
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How important was the invention of blue towards anime?

The Logical Fallacy that A implies B This is an example of a "false cause" or "post hoc ergo propter hoc" fallacy. i.e. "A occured, then B occured. Therefore A caused B" ...
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Is Akira the only anime produced in 24fps?

I'm late to answer but most answers here have some misunderstanding and approved answer is wrong so here is some explanation Akira is not on 1s and probably there is no any other movie or TV series ...
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Why do 70s anime use hatching so much?

Hmmmm.... maybe because it's just the Japanese artists' style. In Japan, it's called "Kakeami". In manga, kakeami カケアミ is a cross-hatching pattern used to shade objects and backgrounds ...
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