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Most likely low sales. It's also an OVA so there is no such thing as committing to the episode count like a TV series. They can drop it at any episode if they deem the sales are low.


In paper yes ( But, it's more better if you have connection with someone over there or a representative that as one. You might be actually also be better off contacting an animator directly though if the animation project is like really small. Since most animators are contractors / freelancers.


Shounen, Seinen, Shoujo and Josei are terms for four of the main demographics that manga and anime are marketed to. Broadly: People aged between about 12 and 18 are in the Shounen demographic if they're male, or Shoujo if they're female. People aged from 18 to about 45 are in the Seinen demographic if they're male, or Josei if they're female. Ultimately, ...

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