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It's most likely a mix of, Human Hummingbird Kewpie Doll Surprise Wheel o' Feet Floating Limbs Possibly also Thundering Herd if you want to consider the background or context for the first image


In terms of OP/Ed of an anime, it is more likely to find Opening and the Endings that is produced by Korean Artist (singing in Japanese)than featuring actual Korean songs. In the 15th Opening of Fairy Tail, Masayume Chasing. It is sung by a Korean Singer goes by the name of BoA. Here is the link of the song in short ver As for ...


Well in general anime is usually distributed through, including Japan, Videogram (DVD, Blu-ray) TV (Technically it's Broadcasting) Screening on Theaters for Movies Internet i.e Streaming Now if you are asking whether NHK is the only corporation that broadcasts anime, then the answer is No. In many cases, the said anime series is broadcast only in the area ...

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