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Why was Shonen Jump called Shonen Jack in Bakuman Anime?

Because the anime was broadcasted on NHK. NHK, being a public TV channel in Japan, doesn't allow commercial advertising. Much like the BBC, NHK is funded by a "receiving fee" by every ...
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List of anime referenced in Bakuman

Ashita no Joe One Piece Bleach Naruto Dragon Ball Gintama Beet the Vandel Buster Star of the Giants Death Note The Qualifications of a Man (Ikki Kajiwara) Father's Soul / Soul of the Father (Kaizuka ...
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Were there any parts of the manga that were skipped in the anime?

Here's a list I made for the things skipped/changed from the manga to the anime: (not including filler and some obviously adaption changes) S1 Episode 1 Some Death Note references were deleted. ...
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