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Can't Fear Your Own World is set months after the Thousand Year Blood War arc and is set before 9 years before the epilogue.


I feel that Toshiro and Rangiku didn't know about Ichigo's father Isshin as they didn't meet face to face at Karakura Town. Also, at that time Isshin was just a normal human being without any powers, so Toshiro, Rangiku or any other members of Soul Society didn't sense him or meet him by face. So, it's obvious they didn't know about Isshin. Only Rukia meet ...


Well, Ichigo didn't necessarily lose his Shinigami powers it was his spiritual pressure or powers, as stated in the chapter black * cough cough* I mean fullbring arc where he had some spiritual pressure left. Another reason that he didn't use hollowfcation is because white Ichigo and Zangetsu put all their power into Ichigo so he had the full power of ...

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