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Kurama's chakra is deeply connected to Naruto's chakra so I think any kind of genjutsu used on Naruto will also effect Kurama.


There is no evidence that Sasuke removed Kurama's memories too. so, I believe Kurama knows everything. I only remember the first time when Sasuke entered naruto. Tenchi Bridge Reconnaissance Mission Sasuke, with his active Sharingan, suddenly appeared within Naruto's subconscious, which surprised both Naruto and the Nine-Tails. The Nine-Tails ...


At the time of writing, I do not believe Yodo's parents have been official confirmed. So it cannot be confirmed or denied if Yodo and Shikadai are cousins. However, Yodo does have slight resemblance to Temari as she was shown in the original Naruto series. Prior to Temari's and Shikimaru's official relationship, they were paired together as a fan-couple. ...

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