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It's a meme that originated on /d/, 4chan's EXTREME hentai board. The people on there really don't view any sex stuff as weird, because they have seen it all so often, but do get all squeamish about normal non sexual romantic actions because they rarely if ever see those kinda things.


Warning: Text under spoiler tab contains NSFW terms It's satire to the whole absurd censorship rules in the anime industry (see this video to know more on these absurd rules). I did some digging and found exactly what I needed: There are many reddit post discussing this meme (see refs.) all agreeing on the satirical take but sometimes there are some ...


They don't. It's sort of a running joke in the anime community that holding hands is a lewd and explicit act, and this in turn has spawned jokes about how hand-holding should be censored. I'm unsure how and why this joke evolved, but this r/OutOfTheLoop thread from 2015 indicates that it's been around for quite some time. Those liking and replying to the ...

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