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What figures does the Chaos;Head protagonist have on his shelf?

Chaos;Head (PC Version) Top: Hazuki (Demonbane), Another Blood (Demonbane), Al Azif (Demonbane), Ruri Hadou (Demonbane, Zanmataisei ver), Ruri Hadou (Demonbane, Kishin Hishou ver), Ignis (Jingai ...
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Is Chaos;Head a prequel to Chaos;Child?

Child is a sequel, I haven't watched all episodes (yet) from the second season of Chaos, but by skipping Head you'd miss out on a lot information that happened during certain events. Those events and ...
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What is the point of Chaos;Head if it’s not in the same worldline as the other Science Adventure entries?

Because the point of Science Adventure series is not really about divergence ratio or the same worldline, but just due to the official genre/theme. Back in 2008, when Chaos;Head was first released, ...
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Is Chaos;Head a prequel to Chaos;Child?

Both shows are quite confusing at first. Chaos Child is six years later after Chaos Head. The NewGen events in Head has connection to Child as well as about turning delusions to reality. The ...
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