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What character is this man with a gigantic, red-white-black, mace-like weapon cosplaying as in Hyper Japan?

Asking around on Discord, that character is actually not from an anime or manga but rather from a game titled League of Legends. It's a skin from one of it's characters named Jayce. Not sure if this ...
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Why do cosplay competitions require prerecorded dialogue?

It seems that it is a primarily time-management strategy. From the Oyahocon Cosplay Competition rules (bold text mine): The music and/or prerecorded dialogue must be ready to go as soon as it is ...
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Is this ring merchandise with a red seal and gold "忍" emblem exist in Naruto?

This is a ring made in the style of the Akatsuki rings. However such designs are merely inspired and have little to no bearing to the Naruto franchise itself. I will not post links to any online ...
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What are the dimensions of the State Alchemist pocket watch?

Here are some images of the watch as it appears in the hands of various characters, this should give you an idea of the size of watch you want:
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