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I think its "Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea" that is her, I think


This is without a doubt the National Verbena Academy's winter uniform (from the Shuffle anime, with some minor inaccuracies).


The anime is from Kill la Kill made by trigger studio. The guy on the left is Inumata in his nudist beach costume: The guy on the right is Mikisugi in his nudist beach costume:


Asking around on Discord, that character is actually not from an anime or manga but rather from a game titled League of Legends. It's a skin from one of it's characters named Jayce. Not sure if this would be considered on topic, then. I'll leave it up to those who know better. Anyway, here's a picture for comparison: Credits goes entirely to Discord user '...


These gloves are called finger loop sleeved gloves but sometimes also referred to as (long) Fingerless sleeved gloves. They more often then not come with no holes at all, or with only a thumb hole. However the one in the picture is not unheard of either The image below comes from an ebay search on sleeved gloves, similar results can be found on amazon as ...


It seems that it is a primarily time-management strategy. From the Oyahocon Cosplay Competition rules (bold text mine): The music and/or prerecorded dialogue must be ready to go as soon as it is put the CD player (this means the participant must edit the music and/or prerecorded dialogue before the convention and put it on a CD). Audio file must be ...


The characters are from the game "The Last Story" for the Wii. It's an RPG made by Hironobu Sakaguchi.


It's Kill la Kill. Inumuta (left) and Mikisugi (right).


This is Aion cosplay, those wings she wearing are Hyperion Wings. She's (Of') part of a French cosplay group called "Les Cosplayeuses Emplumées."


According to the label of the episode: The character's name is "Bonds" and it's from "Xeno Bros", which doesn't appear to be from any anime or manga. Strangely, google doesn't bring up anything for those search terms. The MC also mentions "vampires" during the performance part of the competition while they did some sword fighting.


This is a ring made in the style of the Akatsuki rings. However such designs are merely inspired and have little to no bearing to the Naruto franchise itself. I will not post links to any online vendors, but you will find many like it from various vendors if you do a cursory Google search for something like "shinobi symbol ring." If you add Naruto to the ...


Here are some images of the watch as it appears in the hands of various characters, this should give you an idea of the size of watch you want:


Well after looking through various useless websites which did not bother to add tags, describe who the ladies were cosplaying in the picture or say anything new about it besides saying numerous times "2010 ChinaJoy Business Cooperation Launched" and "Chinajoy Cosplay Carnival 2009 in Beijing" whilst using imageraider, which proved far more useful than Google ...


The character depicted (from the photo in @Jon-Lin 's answer) is Zael/エルザ from The Last Story video game, directed by Hironobu Sakaguchi.

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