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Is there a Naruto and One Piece crossover manga?

Kishi and Oda make reference to each others works from time to time. For example, One Piece made a reference to Naruto in chapter (766):. Nami's dress with has symbol on it, and how there's a fox ...
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Why is Galactic Railroad mentioned in an Utena duel song?

I don't think so. Lyrics from Utena duel songs talk about high abstract concepts which do not have a direct significance to the duel they accompany (or any other duel). In my opinion, it is just ...
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Is there a Naruto and One Piece crossover manga?

At this point, there is no "official" collaboration in the anime or outside between these two, but a special collaboration was made by MAG Project (Manga-Anime Guardians Project). With the ...
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