There is a crossover, but it is still just a Special Chapter called Versus. It is just a fight between Kirito and Silver Crow, caused by a special dive machine. You can read a english version here. Kazuto (Kirito) was on a part-time job to test out the 4th generation FullDive machine created by Rath. He was told that other users had seen a ghost and so he ...


Kishi and Oda make reference to each others works from time to time. For example, One Piece made a reference to Naruto in chapter (766):. Nami's dress with has symbol on it, and how there's a fox eating ramen with a whirlpool on its back. Kishi also put a One Piece skull and crossbones (along with the straw hat) on the very last page of the last chapter ...


I don't think so. Lyrics from Utena duel songs talk about high abstract concepts which do not have a direct significance to the duel they accompany (or any other duel). In my opinion, it is just inicidental.


There's also a crossover drama CD. The second disc adapts the "Versus" storyline mentioned in Astral Sea's answer; the first disc is just two separate storylines (one for AW, one for SAO) with no crossing-over.


At this point, there is no "official" collaboration in the anime or outside between these two, but a special collaboration was made by MAG Project (Manga-Anime Guardians Project). With the purpose of being publicity for anime and manga, “Join Us, Friends” essentially creates a bridge and brings together publishers and anime companies that compete ...

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