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Which parts of Dragon Ball GT do not follow the original Dragon Ball story?

Dragon Ball GT actually is a direct sequel to Dragon Ball Z; it takes place several years after Dragon Ball Z ends. It was not based on a manga by Akira Toriyama. It was an original story created by ...
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why does goku not go super saiyan god when he versus omega at full power with all the balls

First off because Dragonball GT was created before Super or the 2 movies which the first 2 seasons are based from was even created. as such Super Saiyan God and the levels after that shown in Super ...
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What next For the db episodes?

Please can someone clarify if there is any other part after gt? (In continued format for gt story) There is a special that happens after Dragon Ball GT, Dragon Ball GT: A Hero's Legacy. This special ...
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DBGT: Does Goku die of old age when he turns SSJ4 in the future?

No. The wish was to make Goku a child again. When he grows back into an adult, the wish will not be in effect anymore. The youth he gains would just be a side effect of the wish. The wording of a wish ...
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Why is SSJ3 shown as tiring to maintain, but SSJ4 is not?

It's because in gt goku was a kid & his body couldn't take the strain like his grown body did... So whenever he turned to ssj4 & & went back to his grown body form he was now accustomed ...
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Is Cumber Golden Great Ape transformation the same kind of Golden Great Ape transformation seen in Dragon Ball GT?

The Golden Great Ape transformation is the result of a Saiyan in the Great Ape form turning Super Saiyan. By looking at either a full moon or a full planetary body (sunlight reflected from a planet ...
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Why does Gogeta SSJ4 have red hair?

There isn't a definite answer for this and considering the fact that Dragon Ball GT isn't canon, we aren't going to get any definite reason as to why this is the case. I wouldn't call it a mistake as ...
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If the dragon balls in DBGT were those made by Dende, how could a shadow dragon be born in them after Oolong wished for an underwear in DB?

In episode 192 of DBZ; as Piccolo points out that since the new dragon was made out of the model of the old one so their powers must be linked. Well that explains it.
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Why is DragonballGT not canon?

I can't find an english speaking source to quote, but quoting and translating a spanish one, Dragon Ball GT is an alternate story to the main story, however, it wasnt made by Akira Toriyama Why ...
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Did Vegeta ever talk about the super saiyan 5 in Dragon Ball GT?

No, this was just yet another dub choice made by funimation, this line doesn't exist in the Japanese version. Super Saiyan 5 is no more real or canon than "Super Saiyan Infinity". Granted ...
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Do I need to catch up on anything before watching Dragon Ball GT

Yes, you need to watch Dragon Ball Z to understand GT. Watching the original Dragon Ball is also helpful, but not strictly necessary. If you want to skip the filler, you can watch Dragon Ball Z Kai ...
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If the dragon balls in DBGT were those made by Dende, how could a shadow dragon be born in them after Oolong wished for an underwear in DB?

Dragon Ball GT is not canon, the events are not created in conditional writing to each other. Sorry to say, but there is no better answer to this. It is the reason why Dragon Ball Super was aired.
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Why could Goten and Gohan not resist the Baby controlling them while Trunks was able to?

Trunks has always been stronger than Goten. When they learned to merge, in the Buu Saga, this was clearly proven, since as Piccolo said, Trunks had to lower their power level, to get equal to Goten, ...
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Is Super Saiyan 4 Vegito transformation the same Super Saiyan 4 transformation we know or it's an upgrade?

Both Xeno Goku and Xeno: Vegeta were in their SSJ4 forms before and it was more or less established as their maximum level of power. Hence, Xeno: Vegito here is indeed using the same SSJ4 form.
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Who is the wife of trunks?

Dragonball Gt was not written by Akira Toriyama and as such is not considered to be a canon story. As far as Current Trunks is concerned he has no wife, since he is only 8 and we still have to see ...
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Does Goku become the dragon itself at the end of Dragon Ball GT?

No. At Goku finishes fighting, he says, "Shenlong's back sure is warm..." That means he was riding on Shenlong's back, not becoming Shenlong. Also, in History of Goku Jr (this is going too far), ...
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