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First of all, Gogeta is stronger than MUI Goku and Limit Breaker Jiren because Gogeta is made of Goku’s and Vegeta’s best traits and multiplies it by a lot so any power-up or transformation Goku or Vegeta gets is added to Gogeta. So how could Gogeta possibly be weaker than Goku? Gogeta is probably on par with Whis and Whis is stronger than Beerus.


There have been multiple instances where the Z Fighters have been shown living their normal lives such as Gohan Going to School (After Perfect Cell Saga) Gohan Visiting Bulma for His Great Saiyaman Costume (After Perfect Cell Saga) Goku Farming When Mr Satan Comes to give him the award money he recieved after he claimed to have defeated Beerus in front of ...

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