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Sounds like it was done just to progress the story and to keep it interesting. There are a couple things that dont make much sense. Whatever the form of ki production they have should be able to be detected. Even though it's made mechanically it's still energy. One thing that also doesnt add up. The way the z fighters fight so well is because they learned ...


It could be because it was EXPLAINED by Future Trunks in the Android Arc that Senzu Beans, in his timeline, were stopped being manufactured because of the decrease in need of it and the time to make a senzu bean would take long, thus the heart disease that Goku contracted were not cured.


Since your Note 1 says you're also interested in what happens in the original DBZ series, and if it's a problem there or not, the following is based on the English (Funimation) dub of the original scene. It seems that in the Japanese Kai version, Piccolo has a great deal more specific things to say, which are more problematic, as you indicate. I won't go ...


I'm not sure if I understand your question, but are you asking why he was revived because he was supposed to be erased? They explicitly mention in the series that Enma Daio Sama decided not to erase Vegeta's soul just in case he needed him for a battle. So what Vegeta said in the screencapture you posted didnt apply to him due to an Enma Daio Sama decision ...

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