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In chapter 436, Zeref mentioned that he must have been cursed by Ankhseram, the God of life and death, for researching resurrection magic (R-System, Eclipse Gate, and later Summoning Magic). One of the side-effects of this curse was that he became immortal. As mentioned by Denslat, this is indeed metaphorical. At this point it is not proven whether a deity ...


In chapter 11, it was revealed that ...


Zeref experimented on forbidden magic which gave him the Contradictory Curse. So the more he values life, the more uncontrollable his power becomes. And when he doesn't value life, the less destructive he gets. The same curse happened with Mavis who also used the forbidden magic. So basically anyone who experiments or conducts black magic is automatically ...


Yes, that is Layla Heartfilia's grave and if I remember correctly, that's Anna Heartfilia, her ancestor, standing in front of it. Everything about her will be revealed in the later part of the story.

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