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I believe that Natsu, in the most powerful END state that we have seen, could beat Acnologia, this being when he at Ignia’s flames in the 100 Year Quest manga. It is stated by the guild master of Magia Dragon (the employer of the quest) that the Holy Pentadrakes or Five God-Dragons are all as strong if not stronger than Acnologia. Taking this into account by ...


It’s because 100 Year Quest isn’t just one arc. It’s multiple arcs that are all part of the quest the new series is named after. For example, there’s the Water God Dragon Arc, and now the Wood God Dragon Arc. This one quest is divided into multiple arcs because there are several objectives and enemies they have to fight such as the White Mage and the Dragon ...


Gemini makes exact copies, even the celestial spirits couldnt tell the difference and they are bound by a magic contract. It makes sense that a perfect body copy would smell the same too. It does specifically say its an exact duplicate.


The reason is because the plot is surrounding dragon slayers. OFC the story is going to introduce as many of the known ones as possible. You say why are there so many, there arent, there are a handful, but since the story is focused on dragon slayers, its only natural to feel like they are popping up everywhere. Its like if youre a doctor, at some hospital ...

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