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Is there a reason for the child of Maria and Mamoru to be called Messiah?

It's because Messiah is the savior or the Messiah for the Queer Rats, not the humans. It's implied that Squealer found out (through a False Minoshiro) that the Queer Rats and for all intensive ...
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Why do people in Shin Sekai Yori die if they kill other humans?

The rituals performed on the children when they first gain Cantus powers do not have to do with death feedback - the rituals put in place a safeguard which allows some members of the community to ...
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Why are ogres so strong?

Contains spoilers As far as I know Ogres and Karmic demons are regular humans who (explained in conventional terms) have suffered and become full blown Sociopaths and heavily depressed ...
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What happened to Maria and Mamoru?

If we consider that everything said and implied make sense (story most likely don't imply anything without a purpose), we could even propose a darker possibility. While it's obvious that they were ...
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Are Board of Education members immune to Death Feedback?

Somehow they've figured out that using additional objects or creatures to carry out the actual killing is a workaround which doesn't trigger the death feedback reaction. I suspect it was made clear at ...
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What is the meaning behind the scene where Saki fights a Tainted Cat?

I think Saki used her skill - restoring object. She was seen training earlier fixing vases and stuff in school. This ability allowed her to fix the broken necklace (for a while), during the attack and ...
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Does the Ethics Committee control all of Japan?

In the novel, each regions doesn't have communication channel each other. (Wikipedia describe it too.) There are no way to control all regions from one ethics committee. I think the fundamental rules ...
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Why was Yoshimi killed?

There's an answer in the book. She had an eyesight problem (astigmatism + short-sightedness) that was misinterpreted as a defect of her cantus. Her eyesight problem is the reason her name in the ...
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Are Blessing Spirits mutants as well?

Blessing Spirits aren't actually a physical thing. Rather, the agglomeration of bizarre phenomena that the people in the show describe as a "Blessing Spirit" is simply a subconscious/unconscious ...
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