The Fruits Basket is a game where a player is assigned to one fruit (any fruit as long as it is a fruit). Tohru was assigned by her friends to be the onigiri (rice ball, which obviously isn't a fruit), so she was left sitting alone because onigiri won't be called since onigiri isn't a fruit. It is also a metaphor on how Tohru can't belong to the Souma family ...


They are playing Daifugo, a Japanese card game (1). The game is known as "Rich Man, Poor Man" in the English version. The rules are outlined in this Wikipedia article, but to put it succinctly: There are five special titles for players during the game, ranging from "the grand millionaire" down to "the extreme needy", based on how each player performed in ...


The fruits basket is metaphorical, not literal. It represents how Tohru feels like an outsider in her family, at school and with the Sohmas, in the same way that an onigiri doesn't belong in a fruits basket. In the manga, she is often represented as an onigiri.


It does not state their location in the anime or the manga. It is however commonly believed that Fruits Basket takes place in a more rural area of Tokyo Japan.


The curse appears to be the result of the Zodiac Legend. It is based on the real Zodiac legend, but a more detailed "true" version is outlined in Volume 22. It's quite long, but I'll post an abridged version here. Long ago, God found a stray cat, and the two became friends. God was then inspired to send out invitations to other animals, to a ...


No exact date has been given yet other than "April 2019." Source: https://comicbook.com/anime/2019/01/19/fruits-basket-reboot-character-designs-additional-cast/


This answer is full of unmarked spoilers to the manga and the anime. The anime ends maybe halfway through the manga, and further on in the manga it is revealed that Akito is From the wiki: After Yuki left the Main House to live with Shigure, Akito's mother Ren commented that the cursed Sohmas were abandoning Akito, just as Ren always predicted they would....


So, after having done some work and trying to find some landmarks, i believe that Fruits Basket (2019) takes place somewhere near Tamagawadai Park half between Yokohama and just at the edge of Tokyo. The skyline when they are on the roof looking at the city and the specific blue bridge in season 1 episode 23 give the best references as to where they are, ...


I always thought it looked more like Kyoto personally. Especially with all the mountains so easily accessible. But it could well be Tokyo and the mountains too.


It is never explained what makes some Sohma born with the curse and some not and what animal they represent. The only rules seem to be that only one person can have an animal's the curse at a time and they must be part of the Sohma clan. The current condition where all animals are represented at the same time is rare. Although some of the years do ...

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