Haikyū!! (ハイキュー!!?) is a Japanese shōnen screwball-sports manga series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. Production IG has made an anime adaptation directed by Directed Susumu Mitsunaka that aired from April 6 – September 21, 2014.

The story starts off with Shoyo Hinata, a short, upbeat and clumsy junior high school boy, who develops a strong passion for volleyball after watching a national tournament championship match on a TV. Despite his lack of height, he has a high jumping ability and is inspired by the player he sees on TV, nicknamed Small Giant. This spurred him to learn volleyball, train and later make a volleyball club with makeshift members from other clubs.

Karasuno Team 1

However, on the very first round they were matched with a team with a great player, Tobio Kageyama, nicknamed King of the Court because of his arrogance, controlling demeanor and refusal to cooperate with his teammates. However, Kageyama is genius setter and they defeat Shoyo's team miserably. Shoyo then swears to defeat The King in a rematch and continues to train and practice, hoping to make it in the high school volleyball club.

After his first day of high school, he goes right to the gym and gets shocked as he sees his rival, practicing on the court. Initially they don't work well together and fails to coordinate because of their bitter relationship in the past. They later become part of Karasuno (Crows) High, a once powerful high school team that now fell into decline, but now has potentially good players again.

Karasuno High Team 2

The team is composed of other players who are quite unique and interesting themselves and have the same goal in mind - going to the nationals! The story progresses with these two personality-wise opposite individuals on the same team, with Kageyama learning to value team work and Shoyo gaining experience. Together, the whole Karasuno is rising up once again through adventurous practice matches, tournaments and rivalries.

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